About Us

The Foodie-Land Blog team (or simply the FLB team) comprises of two big time foodies and engineers by profession- Rudra and Priyanjana.

We have been friends since a long time and our passions and interests are aligned mostly in the food realm, so one fine day, we decided to venture out in the world of food blogging. 

But, we do have our different preferences! And that you will get to know when you follow us in our food journey! Read on to know more about us as individuals:

About Rudra:

Hello everyone,
Frankly speaking I fall in the category of “live to eat” and I am a big time food lover. I am fond of music, adventure and coupled with my lust for food, I am driven to eat wherever my nostrils/taste buds take me. Lastly, I also love writing and expressing my thoughts in the form of words—thus bringing you my food experiences via foodie-land. P.S—I love cracking jokes, so you can expect/feel them through the posts as well!

Choice of food:  Grilled preparations, seafood, kebabs, almost all kinds of mutton preparations (basically I have a weakness for non veg food), desserts – pastries, puddings, brownies.

About Priyanjana: 

 Hey Everyone!
Welcome to The Foodie Land! Blogging is a passion for me and food- my first love. And the combination of the two is this blog. I am infamous for being the craziest person in a room,always, and also because I put food before anything else! Apart from these things, I love to dance, listen to music and sometimes ,curl up with a book  along with a steaming cup of hot chocolate to accompany me.  I like simple things that make me happy and there is nothing simpler than a hearty meal.

Choice of food: I love all kinds of food! No, really! I am always ready to try out food that I haven’t tasted before. Desserts are my weakness and I love seafood and soups.

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