About FLB

As young individuals we spend most of our time networking, chatting, surfing, studying, working or even better—doing nothing!!

Most of us are quite fond of food, be it the food prepared by our moms or even better –prepared by ourselves. Here are a few interesting questions we would like to ask the Foodie within you: 

Are YOU in love with food?

Do YOU “LIVE TO EAT” rather than “EAT TO LIVE”?

Do YOU like visiting and discovering different places to eat?

Do YOU like to stay updated on the new and trending places to eat?

If your inner Foodie’s answer is YES to all, then Foodie-Land is the place for you to be!

It is an initiative by two young individuals (I guess we fall in that category! :P) to turn their routine lives into something interesting which is aimed at everybody’s benefit.

Foodie-Land is an Adventure and Hobby journal (and yes, we consider food as our favourite hobby) of two fun loving and experimental foodies, which  are recorded to serve the inner Foodie in YOU! 

So, Foodie-Land mainly contains restaurant reviews. Along with this Find information about some awesome STREET FOOD spots!

The best part is: Read the text, imagine what the dishes would look like and we will provide you plenty of pictures so that you can check your imagination! :P

So, hop on the Foodie-Land wagon and join us on our journey as we treat our taste buds and experiment, so that you know where to delight your taste buds and where not. We 

hope you will love our reviews and they will be a great guide!

*For more Info on the “WE”, refer the About US section*

*If you want us to include something in our reviews/any suggestions or if you want us to review a particular place for you, just let us know! * 

* When in a fix about where to eat and what to eat , tweet us at @FoodieLandBlog *

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