The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore

Ras-E-Aam @The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore

We are back!

This time we have news about yet another new restaurant in Bangalore which has a name you will remember and if you visit, the food will stick to your palate for quite some time because delectable items are their speciality!

So, the new member is none other than Bombay Brasserie which launched very recently and it is located in Indiranagar. The word Brasserie means a restaurant in French style and which also serves conventional food in an unconventional way. In this case, we found glimpses of French and Italian style here and the food hits the spot.

Let's take you through what we tried.

We tried quite a few items and it was difficult to mark our favourites as most of them fit the bill!

From the beginning: The Aam Papad Paneer, Marathi Jhinga Mirch and the Calcutta Club Fish Fry were our starters.

Side by side, two drinks: Southern Express & Sailor’s Spiced.

The Aam Papad Paneer was very appetizing. The quantity was sufficient with big chunks of Paneer & Lotus stems. It was tangy & spicy with a hint of mango which you’ll feel in every bite.

The Fish Fry was done perfectly like the ones available in Calcutta, except for the fish of course. Normally Bhetki is used but in this case they used another type of fish. The fish was fresh and the coating was really thin so thumbs up!

The Marathi Jhinga Mirch was amazing. Good sized prawns tossed in a spicy mixture of chillies and garlic. It also had peanuts in it which gave it a good crunch. It was not too spicy and really well balanced in terms of flavours.

The drinks were perfect alongside these starters. The latter was not sweet but had a spicy touch. The former tasted like Rum and coke but with a whole lot of additives. Both tasted unique and went well with the food, especially the Paneer.

Aam Papad Paneer@ The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Aam Papad Paneer

Calcutta Club Fish Fry

Marathi Jhinga Mirch@The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Marathi Jhinga Mirch

Sailor's Spiced @ The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Sailor's Spiced

Now for the big main course:

Old Delhi Murgh Boti with Butter Roomali, Galawati Kebab, Kashmiri Naan Kebab, Mario’s Mango Prawns with Coconut rice & Goan Prawn Biriyani.

The first three gave us a taste of what proper North Indian kebabs taste like!

The Murgh Boti was soft, tender and spicy. The Roomali was soft, not too stretchy and a perfect partner for the Boti. Taste it to believe it!

All we have to say about the Galawati Kebab is: If you don’t know what melt in the mouth feels like, try this!

The Kashmiri Naan Kebab looks humungous but it was insanely tasty and we didn’t realize that we finished it off! The kebab was all about good old lamb and a combination of spices and coriander. It tasted phenomenal!

About the Mango Prawns: The gravy was delicious and the prawns were juicy but the star of this dish was the Coconut rice. The flavour of coconut was so refined and this creamy rice was itself enough to please us. Plus along with the tangy mango based gravy it tasted even better.

The Biriyani was spicy and lip smacking! It is more of a Lucknow style biriyani with loads of fresh & sweet prawns.

Old Delhi Murgh Boti with Butter Roomali @ The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Old Delhi Murgh Boti with Butter Roomali

Galawati Kebab @ The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Galawati Kebab

Kashmiri Naan Kebab@The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Kashmiri Naan Kebab

Mario's Mango Prawns with Coconut rice @ The Bombay Brasserie Experience | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Mario's Mango Prawns with Coconut Rice

Lastly, dessert time:

Ras-e-Aam and the Mintu’s Chocolate Surprise ended our delicious meal.

The latter needs some improvement. It’s like a chocolate crepe with hazelnut spread. It has chocolate, so it’s doable but the paratha was a little stiffer than expected.

The former was one of the best desserts we have had. It is a fusion of Roshogolla, Rabdi and Aam Ras. The presentation was amazing and the taste was unparalleled! The Roshogollas were spongy and had a glazing of aam ras. The pool of Rabdi had the perfect consistency and we look forward to trying this another time!

Mintu's Chocolate Surprise

That’s our Bombay Brasserie Experience, short and sweet.

The visiting crowd here is quite polished. We visited on a Thursday night and it was pretty full. Their pricing, quantity & quality all fall in line and no wonder people love visiting!

Do give them a visit if you want to have a good & reliable experience.

We’ll be back soon with more updates.

Till then—keep munching, keep rocking & bon apetit!

Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore

Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore

Weddings are always an extravagant affair irrespective of culture. We have been to SodaBottleOpenerWala quite a few times for the launch of their new menu and their New Year feast called the Navroze Bhonu. This time, our visit was because SBOW is celebrating their 3 year anniversary and the celebrations are in the form of a month long traditional Parsi wedding feast.

The Parsi wedding feast or the Lagan Nu Bhonu is mostly associated with non-vegetarian items like chicken, mutton and egg and also fish & rice which is considered to be a good luck charm. However, that would not be fair for the vegetarians so they do have vegetarian options as well. The Bhonu is in the form of a thali which has two variants as mentioned.

They serve a special & nearly extinct variety of raspberry soda which is a must try followed by the usual non veg or veg thali and then 2 varieties of dessert.

Raspberry Soda@Lagan Nu Bhonu @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore
Raspberry Soda

So, focussing on the delicious items served on the thali:

The Risotto Fare @ Ottimo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore

The Risotto Fare @ Ottimo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore

Which cuisine comes to your mind when you think of romance?

For us, like most people we associate Italian Cuisine with romance and during this time of the year i.e. around mid Feb when love is in the air, we were invited to the Risotto Festival of Ottimo, ITC Gardenia called the Risotto Fare.

This post will be all about Risottos and how beautifully they were made. Before that, the setting of Ottimo is truly unforgettable. The open kitchen, the theme of the restaurant, the service, the food & wine and the tunes are bound to make your dining experience unlike any other.

Valentines Day Special @ Vivanta by Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore

Valentines Day Special @ Vivanta by Taj - Yeshwantpur | Bangalore

It has been a while that we posted something related to luxury dining and we missed bringing them over to you apart from missing the food as in almost all cases the food makes us go crazy.

We have visited many Taj properties in the past and we were pretty sure that we have been to all of them (In Bangalore). Unfortunately, we were wrong and this time our visit to the Vivanta by Taj- Yeshwantpur for a preview of their special Valentine’s Day arrangements.

So, for those who want to make it special on the upcoming 14th of Feb, here’s what you can expect if you decide to celebrate this special day of love at this luxurious property:

A fabulous selection of food which look & taste delightful & a lot of hearts!

They have a special A.I package (INR 5999) for couples on the big day and they have appropriate plans to make the couples fall in love all over again: heart shaped chocolates, balloons, strawberries dipped in chocolate and much more.

So from the food point of view, here are our views:

The English Pub Experience @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore

Special Irish Swiss Roll Chicken @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Special Irish Swiss Roll Chicken

With the increasing number of F&B establishments all around it is getting more difficult by the day to spot unique names. With that said, our recent visit was by invite to a bloggers tasting at a newly opened Resto-Bar in JP Nagar, Bangalore named Churchill’s!

The pubbing concept first originated in England and this impressive Resto-Bar tries to pay tribute to the one and only Winston Churchill, one of the greatest English Prime Ministers of all time.

A few words about the place: The interiors are classic with plenty of ambient light and woody finishes all around. It does not have air conditioning yet and ventilation is totally on ceiling fans and Mother Nature. The walls all around have original quotes from the man himself.

Now about the food: A very well planned spread yields expected results and in this case this meet was very well organized. The best part being we ate after photographs were taken so no interruptions while eating!

There were plenty of starters for non-vegetarians and only a few for vegetarians. So we will speak about the highlights only.

Egg on Nest @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Egg on Nest

Peri Peri Chicken Wings @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Peri Peri Chicken Wings

Hara Bhara Kebab @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Hara Bhara Kebab

Chicken Hariyali Kebab

Mutton Seekh Kebab

The Egg on Nest was pretty interesting for those who love eggs. In place of the yolk there was a sweet mayo filling and it tasted great but there was nothing outstanding about it.

The Paneer on Fire is a highly recommended dish if you are into paneer. The paneer is well done and soft and spicy. It tastes very difficult and a big thumbs up!

The Hara Bhara Kebab was excellent. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The stuffing was hot & spicy and it can be coined as a perfect snack.

The Butter Garlic Mushrooms were the best they can be. By character mushrooms do not suck in flavours but they just remain on top. The quantity was very impressive.

The Crispy Chicken Tenders were too thin. There were many in number but too much of crumb and too little chicken in each bite—not worth it.

Peri Peri Chicken Wings? Oh yes! This was a marvel and was done to perfection. It was spicy and the chicken literally fell off the bones. Perfect pairing with beer!

The Nagamese King Chilly Pork was another amazing preparation. It was not as spicy as expected but tasted brilliant. The pieces contained fat and meat unlike in other cases where it is totally fat.

They served 3 variants of Tandoori Chicken: Cheese, Hariyali and the Classic variant. The chicken was perfectly cooked and tender. All the 3 were spicy but the best part was that they were balanced. The Cheese variant tasted weird at first but it is something to slowly get used to.

Classic Chicken Tandoori @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Classic Chicken Tandoori (Boneless)

Chip Butty


They have an array of colourful cocktails but we ended up on the dry road and had the Blue Lagoon and a Mango mocktail. One suggestion to them would be to improve on their consistency.

The main course was not as colourful as the starters were but some items deserve a try and a retry.

Their Alfredo Pasta was well done. The sauce had good consistency and the quantity of toppings was sufficient.

The Copacabana Pizza deserves a special mention. The balance of the herbs, cheese and pork chunks were amazing and this topped the pizza charts for sure.

The English Fish & Chips was as expected. The presentation on the bed of fries looked appealing. No extra oil and the all mighty combo of tartar sauce and good fried fish always wins!

The Jolly Good Mix Grill was a combination of grilled lamb and chicken. The highlight of this was the lip smacking sauce. 

Lastly, the Special Irish Swiss Roll Chicken was the dish of the tasting (sort of man of the match!). Excellent presentation and the taste was even better. It is sort of like a crepe with loads of chicken and baked with cheese. It is sinful but worth every bite!

Bangers & Mash @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Bangers & Mash

Copacabana & Peppy Paneer and Pepper Pizzas@ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Copacabana & Peppy Paneer and Peppers Pizza

English Fish & Chips @ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
English Fish & Chips

Alfredo Pasta@ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Alredo Pasta

Baked Fish Normandy@ Churchill's Resto-Bar | JP Nagar | Bangalore
Baked Fish Normandy

That’s all from this tasting session. There were plenty of items and some of which we have intentionally left out as it is not possible to talk about everything and they lacked the special zing. Not that they tasted bad but if a Lemon & Coriander Chicken tastes excellent with the flavours of lemon & coriander there is nothing much to stress on ;)

From our side, we believe that this is definitely a good place to hang out with colleagues and friends. They serve good food, play good music and have a classy ambiance.

They are new on the block and still working on adding desserts to their menu so nothing for your sweet tooth yet.

The entire place is smoker friendly so if you can’t tolerate smoke: reconsider.

We’ll be back soon with another tasty foodventure.

Till then—keep rocking and bon apetit!

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