Flow and prosper menu at Yauatcha, Bangalore

Yauatcha has been one of our most favorite restaurants. And we have quite possibly made it clear to all our readers, with the amount of posts about the restaurant! Yauatcha Bangalore recently invited me over to try out their new offering, The Flow and Prosper Menu! 

This is a selection curated by them! Taking a cue from two of China’s Luckiest Numbers, six meaning ‘flow’, and eight meaning ‘prosper’, The Flow and prosper menu features six cocktails and eight varieties of dim sum. And During weekdays from Monday through Friday this menu is available. From 3pm until 11 pm, at the bar and high tops, at Yauatcha, Bengaluru, 1 MG Road, Lido mall. 

Now, let me take you through the selections and what I ate/drank from these! Most of the items on the curated menu were my personal favorites, and being a regular at Yauatcha, I had tried everything once before apart from a couple things. And, everything on this menu is priced at 400 INR plus taxes.  This is great! 

Flow and prosper menu at Yauatcha, Bangalore

Let me first tell you about the drinks. 

The Lam Peak martini is one of my favorites their and like always I ended the night with this one. Started the night with a Ginger Martini. A perfect zing of ginger to start the meal
Next I had the Pork Char Sui buns, these fluffy balls filled with pork filling is always my favorite. The prawn hargau was next. And, like always, was delicate yet the most delightful thing to eat. Next I had the prawns with pumpkin sauce. 

Yeah, pumpkin. Believe me, this is one of the most delicious dishes Yauatcha has to offer! Next I had the pork and prawn sui mai. I am not a very big fan of this, but I wanted to try the sui mai. 

Next, along with a repeat of drinks, I had the Stir fried mushrooms and the krispy konjee lamb. The konjee lamb is a must have with drink, without a doubt! 

Flow and prosper menu at Yauatcha, Bangalore

One of the best things I have had at Yautacha till date is the Mushroom and black truffle rolls! A beautiful combination of the mushrooms with the sharp yet magnificent taste of black truffles! A definite must have from the menu. 

The crispy veg roll is the vegetarian option for all those who miss out on the delicious non vegetarian food. A must have for all the vegetarian dimsum lovers. 

They have a lot more options to chose from in case of the drinks, than I have tried. I love their cocktails, so I am sure the other drinks will be great too! 

Do dine at Yauatcha, Bangalore and try the flow and prosper menu! Because at the price point, this menu is not to be missed. 

Until next time, 
Bon appetite !

One Bowl Winter Menu at Monkey Bar

Ever felt like monkeying around?
We sure feel like it!
We’ve covered a variety of food festivals before & this time we’re going to talk about meal bowls.

This post is all about our recent experience at the Monkey Bar, Indiranagar, Bangalore.
We’ve been in the same building many times before (to Fatty Bao) so no surprise for us. This time we’re going to talk about the ongoing “One Bowl Winter” festival at the Monkey Bar across all its outlets in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai.
This is an ongoing festival which is on for about a month & a half more.

The best part about meal bowls is that everything comes at one shot so you don’t have to worry much about quantity & sides.
Without further ado, we’ll let you know which ones we tried & which ones we want to keep on trying!

Must tries: Panch Phoron & Kasundi Maach, Chicken Xacuti, Korean Bibimpap & the Kashmiri Yakhni.

Mutton Yakhni

The Chicken Xacuti
We also tried the Nagarjuna Inspired Chilli Chicken & the Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl which are definitely worth a shot but not as good as the above. The former was a spicy chicken preparation served with parathas whereas the latter is the usual Grilled Chicken in Teriyaki sauce.

We later realized that we had missed out on the seafood bowls, which we were really looking forward to!
First up, if you love fish, you have to try the Kasundi Maach. The fish used is Surmai (clearly written in the menu). They use fresh & well layered fish for the prep. The aroma of the Gobindobhog rice & the zing of the kasundi is always a magical affair. For a Bengali, this is a must try!

The Xacuti was brilliant. The goan spices with the tender boneless chicken tasted heavenly. Moreover, the millets tasted really good & went well with the spicy gravy. We had millets for the first time so either millets have a distinct aroma or they used Ghee in the preparation.

One Bowl Winter Menu at Monkey Bar, Bibimbap

Now for the 2 best bowls: The Bibimpap & the Yakhni. 

The latter had succulent chunks of mutton in yoghurt based gravy. It comes with a serving of saffron rice & the combined aroma is overwhelming. This is a mildly spicy preparation. The Bibimpap is a popular Korean preparation with shredded beef. The beef in this case was simply irresistible. The sauce was lip smacking. This is served with sticky rice, greens, mushrooms & a fried egg. 

Although it doesn’t seem much, the bowls are pretty heavy on the stomach.
For dessert, we tried some Churros, Nutella cake with ice cream & a preparation with molten chocolate & caramel popcorn. This was a full-fledged Choco-indulgence! 

The Nutella cake is just amazing. The sweetness if perfect & of course: Nutella. The popcorn concept was pretty neat & worked out extremely well.

That’s all from our side!

This special menu is on for quite some time so don’t miss out. The preparations mentioned are truly mouth-watering. There are others which we couldn’t try so feel free to try them out & let us know how you feel.

We’ll be back soon with another foodscapade ;)

Till then—think about your taste buds & bon apetit!

Bombay Brasserie now at RMZ Ecoworld, Bangalore

It’s been quite some time that we are continuously inactive!
Now there’s a good news & a bad one. Since we can’t ask you which one goes first, here it goes: We are now going to cover place to eat in Chennai as well! The bad part is that the frequency might decrease a bit.

We’ll try our best to keep bringing you guys the best of F&B like we always do.
In this post we’ll be talking about a restaurant which after its initial success in Bangalore, has gone ahead & opened a new outlet.

We were recently invited to experience the offerings of the new outlet of Bombay Brasserie in Bellandur. The outlet is located in RMZ Ecoword-The Bay.
Our previous experience with Bombay Brasserie set up a high level of expectation & we’re happy to say that the standards have indeed been maintained!

Before we talk about the food, we want to emphasize on the ambience, the seating & picturesque surroundings. The setting of the restaurant really puts the weather of Bangalore to great use. If you visit, you’ll come across a lot of blue & green. They even have tables with swings on both ends so you can rock & eat at the same time. (Doesn’t work for us though)

naga gosht , bangalore food blogger

bangalore food blogger , mushroom

Now it’s time for the point of focus:
This time we were accompanied by someone who loves food as much as we do & thanks to her we were able to clean everything which was served.

Without getting into much details we’ll list the items we tried & which ones we recommend.
Starters: Spicy Pahadi Mushrooms, Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, Kashmiri Naan Kebab, Old Delhi Murgh Boti with Butter Roomali & Rajputana Murg Soola Kebab.

We tried the Kashmiri Naan & Old Delhi Murgh Boti & the taste was remarkable just as the time before. We loved the mushrooms. The spicy minced paneer filling & the pahadi masala did wonders with the flavor & taste.

The ghost pepper wings were smoky, hot & unimaginably tasty! If you aren’t afraid of the next morning, do try this. This might make you cry but you won’t stop having it. Lastly, the Soola Kebab was presented very well & even blow torched in front of us. The meat was juicy, tender & retained all the flavors. The prep is mildly spicy but it didn’t have an amazing kick to call it wow.
For drinks, we tried their Pauas which are local Mumbai drinks served in small bottles. [The idea is to make them portable for travelers].

They have interesting colors & flavors & they really stand out.
Apart from these, we tried the Fauji Party Special which is a dark rum based drink with pineapple & chaat masala. It is not a sweet drink so you get the raw kick of the rum in each sip.

For main course, we tried the Goan Prawn Biryani & Rajasthani Dhungar Maas accompanied by Chur Chur Paratha.
We tried the Biryani before and it had the same great taste. The Paratha was interesting. It was like a lachha paratha with an additional crispy top layer which tastes like a cheese cracker with seasoning. It tasted great & went well with the semi-spicy mutton prep. The Mutton pieces were cooked perfectly & the gravy was lip smacking. 

For dessert, we tried the Amritsari Kulfa & Anglo Indian Bread Pudding.
The former was a combination of Kulfi & Rabdi on a bed of Phirni. It was creamy with the right amount of sweetness & the hint of rose syrup added to the experience. Definitely wow! The portion size was pretty big as well. 

The latter: comforting & mildly sweet bread pudding served with custard. The portion size was huge. The best part about this dessert is that it was very light on the stomach in spite of the portion size. We would classify this as an entire meal itself.
That’s all we tried this time as we were on a diet! :P

It feels great to be back! We would love to hear more from you guys in the form of comments/tweets/anything.

If you like quiet/calm/romantic dining, this should be your pick. The food is great & you’ll get to know that first hand.

We’ll be back soon. Very soon ;).
Till then—don’t lose faith & bon apetit!

Hallo-Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore!

It has been quite some time since we wrote about an event on the blog! With Rudra Moving to Chennai, I will be writing most of the blog, about events, tastings in Bangalore. So, here goes the first event blog in a long while.
On a Breezy Saturday afternoon, I reached Phoenix Market City. Just a day prior to Halloween, and saw their courtyard dotted with various stalls! They had a Festival going on, a three day long festival, called Halo-wine. Though I love wine, I had decided not to drink during the day time, so I didn’t really indulge myself with copious amount of fabulous wines which were available. 

I did that with food, anyway! The event was organized by Phoenix Market city in association with the Karnataka Wine Board and a lot of Karnataka based wine brands participated in the event.
Some of my Favorite wine brands were present too. Like, Big Banyan and Sula. And, everyone had the opportunity to sample all the wines for just a nominal amount of money.
But, the food was wonderful! They had multiple food trucks and stalls from Bar Bar and Café Noir. I tried some delish food from Bar Bar and the food trucks. 

Mushroom satay

Paneer Roll

Chicken Shami kabab

I tried almost everything from Bar Bar and some things from the food trucks, while enjoying the live music! There was an option of grape stomping as well! I didn’t participate, but a lot of people did and it looked like fun! 

I hope I visit a lot of festivals such as this, because good food, good wine and lovely music makes anyone’s day brighter, and certainly mine too! 

Till next time,
Bon Appetite!

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