The Mangalorean Food Festival | Jamavar- The Leela Palace | Bangalore

Luxury dining is something which we would like to call an acquired taste. In the recent past, we have had our share of luxury and fine dining and at first it did not seem so special. However, with repeated encounters one can realize the true beauty of the experience. Although luxury comes at a price, it is something to indulge in because we do need to pamper ourselves after the hard work we do!

On the same page, we recently visited The Leela Palace, Bangalore situated in Old Airport road for their Mangalore Food Festival and the property is majestic. It is not surprising if someone is awestruck by the grandeur of the interiors and especially in and around their Indian specialty restaurant, Jamavar. This festival is running at Jamavar from the 12th of September to the 21st.

They have miniature rocky waterfalls with greenery everywhere. Jamavar has indoor as well as outdoor seating. The indoors give you a regal feeling whereas the outdoors are breezy with picturesque surroundings.

Now coming down to the food:

The Flechazo Experience | Marathahalli | Bangalore

Prawn cocktail shot

It was quite a long time ago that I (Rudra) was fascinated with the concept of desserts, ice creams and the sort made with liquid nitrogen. Since liquid nitrogen is not readily available and needs to be handled with caution, it requires a certain degree of workmanship which is expensive and thus, most restaurants opt out!

We visited a restaurant very recently and we were amazed to discover that it took the risk and it sure paid off! The restaurant we are talking about is Flechazo and it newly set its roots in Bangalore. It is located in Doddenakundi, Bangalore and it is hard to miss for travelling people.

This restaurant specializes in a few offerings which make it quite unique and not only that, but their pricing is also affordable. To make it more family friendly, the place is alcohol free!

Now coming down to the food and the specialties which we came across:

The August Moon Festival | Memories of China | Vivanta by Taj-M.G Road | Bangalore

Have you guys ever heard of something called the August Moon Festival?

Whatever your answer is, do read on as we got to know about it recently and celebrated this auspicious event at none other than Memories of China, Vivanta by Taj—M.G Road, Bangalore. This festival is regarded as the second grandest festival in China and is also known as the mid-autumn festival.

It is called the August Moon Festival because at this time of the year the moon is at its brightest and roundest. The festival is associated with family engagement, traditional Chinese food and moon cakes.

They have a special menu for this festival and it kicked off from the 1st of September. The menu has a great balance between Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian items but does not have any desserts. So, if you have a dessert craving then the main menu will come to your rescue.

We tried almost the entire menu, but we will be talking about the highlights only. As the preparations are Authentic Chinese, there are chances that some might not be palate friendly.

Stir fried water chestnut, lotus stem and potatoes in chef special sauce

Steamed eggplant in spicy peanut sauce

cauliflower in a creamy sauce with preserved chilli

 We normally try non veg more, but this time we will be talking about veg too!

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