Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Every day is a new beginning—for better or for worse. Some people try to realize their visions and dreams while at the same time there are cases where everything falls apart like a house of cards.

On a different note, nowadays almost every day is a birthday for a start up. We recently came across a food tech start up with a very good name: eatfresh! We were privileged to try some of their dishes and we were pretty satisfied with their services except for one particular case.

They operate on a full delivery model and their dishes are prepared by qualified chefs who are alumnus of big hotel chains across the country.

They deliver on time and also entertain requests for different delivery timings. Their packaging is great and they deliver the food hot at your doorstep!

Now coming down to our order:

We tried Chicken with Honey and Asparagus, Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pulao and Honey Chicken Bell Pepper with Black Pepper Fried Rice for main course, Chocolate Mousse for dessert and their lemon mint cooler.

To be honest their coolers are the best. We found the lemon mint cooler to be refreshing and it had a great balance of sweetness, the flavour of lemon and mint of course. It is a light and soothing drink which is perfect for the hot summer and best served chilled!

We also tried the honey and basil cooler which was wonderful. We were skeptical at first about how it would taste but we were very impressed with the outcome! There was an essence of honey throughout, it was not too sweet and had a delicate fragrance.

We found their main dishes to be quite pocket-friendly and they had adequate quantity as well.

Eatfresh Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Wok'n Tava | Review | Bangalore

We have tried out several food delivery services in the past and each of them had their unique visions which was manifested in the food they deliver.

Recently we tried out Wok n Tava and we must say that most of their food is very impressive. Not only their food, but their packaging is very efficient in terms of spillage.

Their packing ensures zero spillage and the food stays warm for quite a long time.
 We tried out a variety of their items and especially their Chinese and Indian food items are quite impressive.

So, let’s start with the starters of course ;) 

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Punjabi By Nature | Blogger's Table | Event

Punjabi By Nature | Blogger's Table | Event

It is always a pleasure when you are associated with food loving people. On top of that, if you are in a restaurant having an impressive ambiance the experience reaches a different level.

So, this scenario was replicated very recently in Punjabi by Nature, In Koramangala where there were around 2 dozen foodies who simply jumped with joy at the sight of food!

The food which they serve deserves praise and any non veg lover who loves North Indian cuisine should crash in and try them out.

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Assam 1860 | Gourmet Tea

Hospitality is a custom in our country, because of which we Indians accept everyone with open arms especially when it comes to people visiting our homes.

There is one question which is asked whenever a guest enters our home: tea or coffee (As if there are no other options ;)).

There is also one more belief that one grows up only when they start having tea!

The scene about us is that we are not fond of the “typical” tea, mainly because of the milk factor. We like all the other varieties like jasmine, lemon, black, green etc.
On the same page, recently we tried a Gourmet Variety of Black Tea from a company which has roots on our own home town!!

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Soho St. Take two | Bangalore

Initially when we used to visit restaurants and like the food, the only thing we would do is maybe tell our friends and colleagues about our experience mainly as an ice breaker. This is one of the restaurants which made us change our thinking, after which we started talking about our experiences online through our blog.

The name of the restaurant is Soho St. And it is situated in BTM layout, Bangalore. The first time around, we really loved the ambiance and the shredded kebabs served as starters. It was quite a long time since we tried out their food and we decided to revisit!
The ambiance is still the same, depicting a street in London and this time around there was a few changes in the menu. The focus was upon Asian street food through their live counters.

The reception was warm and welcoming and with the dim lights all around it was a perfect place to crash in this hot Bangalore summer. The spread was enormous and we really had our hopes high!

The starters were enough to satisfy a snorlax! [That’s a Pokémon reference btw :P]

Mango Flavoured Mocktail 

There was a chinese roasted chicken, chicken malai kebab, chilli chicken, paneer tikka, schezwan prawns, tandoori baby corn, salt and pepper fried mixed veggies, something like an aloo tikki, a fish preparation, tandoori gobi, chicken and veg momo’s and a few more. There was also a pasta counter and the Chinese stir fry counter.

 We found all the starters to be extremely tasty and well prepared except for the momo preparations. Presentation wise they were pretty decent as well.

Undoubtedly we found the best starter to be the chicken malai kebab, which was brilliantly made. The chicken was soft and juicy, perfectly grilled and the richness of the malai could be sensed with each bite.

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Yauatcha Terrace Review | Bangalore

There are not many restaurants in Bangalore where one can get a romantic ambiance coupled with privacy. Most of the seating arrangements are such that your private moments won’t remain private any more.

We recently visited the Yauatcha Terrace at 1 M.G. Road mall in Bangalore and it is definitely worth a WOW!

So, in this case we found a mixture of a romantic ambiance, privacy and of course—the rooftop! If there is a slight breeze around, it is sure to make your evening magical—be it with friends or your loved ones!

The setup contains a majestic bar, with a DJ playing some groovy music. They serve cocktails, mocktails, small eats and they will be serving alcohol from this week itself.

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