Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore


Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

We had visited the famous pirate themed buffet joint “The Black Pearl” in the past and it is an experience we still cherish. Quite recently we found our way to another pirate themed restaurant just one floor below the Black Pearl. The only different between the two is that the one we are reviewing this time is a North Indian fine dining restaurant.

By this time it is quite clear that the restaurant under discussion is none other than”Daawat-e-pirates”.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

It is also a pirate themed restaurant like the Black Pearl but there is one observation we made. The two restaurants are based on the structure of a wooden ship, where the Black Pearl is the deck side, facing the sky and the open ocean (imaginatively) and Dawaat e pirates is the one beneath, so without masts and sails.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

This place has an interesting cave type seating arrangement called the Pirate’s cave (of course) which is very dimly lit and it is guaranteed to make your dining experience a romantic one (or a bromantic one ;) ). They also have a bar and a lobby area which is decorated with pirate figures and skulls and the chairs have decorated whale bones and what not.

Now, we move on from the decor to the food of course. We had the mutton and the seafood meals which had a variety of sub options.

A complementary appetizer

First we were served a tandoori chicken salad and a prawn salad. Both of them were very appetizing and tasty. The salad was full of onions, capsicum and smoked prawns/tandoori chicken. The veggies were not raw but cooked, and that too in a gravy which was quite delicious by itself. It somehow tasted similar to the filling in kati rolls.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

The smoked prawns were magnificent, and the number of prawns was very generous. The grilled flavour blended perfectly with the gravy based veggies. The chicken salad had a lot of chicken and the taste of smoked tandoori chicken was very refreshing. Moreover, the chicken pieces were very soft and we even praised the chef for the same.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

After a perfect salad, we moved on to the starters. We had the Amritsari fish tikka and the mutton boti kebab, followed up a spectacular mutton chop.

The amritsari fish tikka was spicy and very tasty! The fish was tender and soft and it was a delightful experience. The masala coating went very well with the bassa fish used. The only problem was, small portions of the fish had skin intact which gave off a slight odour.

The mutton boti kebab consisted of 3 huge chunks of boneless mutton which will make any non veg lover feel like in paradise! The mutton kebab had small burnt patches on the outside and was soft and smoky from the inside. With every bite we got that aroma of lamb and it was mind blowing!

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

Similar to the boti kebab the mutton chops were a similar experience. Mutton ribs char grilled and smoked to perfection. Not much meat in these ribs but an experience definitely worth retrying! The bones became soft and one can taste the marrow throughout. Excellent stuff!

The main course consisted of prawn biriyani and bhuna gosht with butter naan. The prawn biriyani was a lot better than the ones normally available. Big pieces of prawn and that too in generous quantity layered in a bed of fragrant biriyani. Yes, the biriyani did have a different and sweet fragrance. Taste wise also good, with the usual aroma.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

The bhuna gosht is something all Bengali’s can relate to as kosha mangsho! The mutton pieces were soft, tender and perfectly cooked. The best part was that the pieces were not boneless, so they were tastier! Either the mutton was so well cooked that the bones were breaking, or they broke them on purpose and because of this one can have the marrow without embarrassment. ;)

Moreover, the preparation was rich, spicy and we mean literally very spicy. The colour of the gravy was almost black and we could totally relate it to the preparations back in our home town.

The butter naan was standard and there is nothing to mention separately.

The desserts were also top notch—matka phirni and angoori rabdi.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

They set a very good standard indeed. The matka phirni was thick and had pista and cashew sprinkled on top. The phirni had a kesari after taste meaning that they must have used kesar in it which is quite rare because nowadays not many establishments use it. Overall it was a balanced dessert which was mildly sweet and not very heavy.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore
Pirate's chocolate and strawberry mousse

The angoori rabdi was something we tasted after a long time and we loved it! This also had pista sprinkled on top but no kesar. The consistency was thick, again perfect balance of sweetness and the small lumps were very soft.

Overall, a perfect ending to a perfect luncheon! Special thanks to Chef Gautam, the head chef of Daawat e Pirates for his warm reception and generosity.

It is a great place to visit, for its ambiance and for the quality food. So needless to mention that we will revisit J

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4.5/5
Ambiance: - 5/5 (Perfect theme execution)
Service: - 4.5/5
Quantity: - 4/5

Hope this review helps a fellow foodie in the quest for great food!

Till next time—bon appétit!

*The pirate’s chocolate, mutton chops and the mousse preparations were complimentary.
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