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It is always fun to hang-out with people who love food, and when you cook with them the fun doubles up. Recently we did that at an event organised by Licious. It was the launch of their Bento Box, which is a quick and easy way to cook something up in a jiffy at your house. Now what it is exactly? Read on to know that ……

The event was organised at a cooking studio in Indiranagar, called Slurp studio. Will tell you about the place later :P, for now let me tell you what we did and what Licious’s Bento box is all about.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore
Watermelon Mojito

Before we start writing this review and go in depth about the details of the restaurant and their food, we want to make an honest confession. We have had a dish which is very popular among all Indians, called Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani. We have tasted this dish on numerous occasions from time to time, from a variety of restaurants across Bangalore & Kolkata but nowhere have we found this kind of taste. The butter chicken preparation of this restaurant is by far the best we have had and there are no doubts about it!

This restaurant has its origins in Delhi and now they have recently opened in Bangalore to give the people of Bangalore, a true taste of North Indian Cuisine!

Wahrabia Festival @ Barbeque Nation | Bangalore

Wahrabia fest at Barbeque Nation
It must have occurred to all of us at one point of time that it is not only the food which fetches you points, but there is a lot more to it than that. Yesterday, we were at the Wahrabia festival at Barbeque Nation in Electronic city, Bangalore and there were certain things which proved why they are worthy of wearing the “King of BBQ” crown.

Their courteous staff, space management and the deliciously different festival menu deserve a lot of praise!  Moreover, the decoration which we thought was a theme based on The Arabian Nights and Aladdin was superbly implemented. On top of this, the soothing Arabic music which was being played is guaranteed to make your dining experience worth remembering and cherishing.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

We had visited the famous pirate themed buffet joint “The Black Pearl” in the past and it is an experience we still cherish. Quite recently we found our way to another pirate themed restaurant just one floor below the Black Pearl. The only different between the two is that the one we are reviewing this time is a North Indian fine dining restaurant.

By this time it is quite clear that the restaurant under discussion is none other than”Daawat-e-pirates”.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

It is also a pirate themed restaurant like the Black Pearl but there is one observation we made. The two restaurants are based on the structure of a wooden ship, where the Black Pearl is the deck side, facing the sky and the open ocean (imaginatively) and Dawaat e pirates is the one beneath, so without masts and sails.

Daawat-E-Pirates Review | Bangalore

This place has an interesting cave type seating arrangement called the Pirate’s cave (of course) which is very dimly lit and it is guaranteed to make your dining experience a romantic one (or a bromantic one ;) ). They also have a bar and a lobby area which is decorated with pirate figures and skulls and the chairs have decorated whale bones and what not.

Now, we move on from the decor to the food of course. We had the mutton and the seafood meals which had a variety of sub options.

A complementary appetizer

First we were served a tandoori chicken salad and a prawn salad. Both of them were very appetizing and tasty. The salad was full of onions, capsicum and smoked prawns/tandoori chicken. The veggies were not raw but cooked, and that too in a gravy which was quite delicious by itself. It somehow tasted similar to the filling in kati rolls.

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