Zzungry Review | Food Delivery | Bangalore

Most of us at one point of time in our lives have experienced 3 star or 5 star cuisines at renowned hotels. It is something we do not indulge in frequently because not only is it expensive, but also the food is very rich. Moreover, except for the food we also pay for the beautiful decorations, ambiance and what not.

In line with that—nowadays every other day a new tech food start up is being established. All of these have different visions –some of them concentrate on home cooked food, some on health foods and some focus on normal restaurant food.

Baba Fattoosh | Food Delivery | Bangalore

What if we told you today, that you can get “Delhi-style” Home cooked food delivered to your doorsteps, in Bangalore? Would you be interested in some yummy meals at a budget friendly price for lunch at your office??  Then I present to you, Baba Fattoosh!

Baba Fattoosh is a place on the face the thing we call “The Internet”, where you can order meals for lunch and dinner at a very reasonable price, delivered right where you are! For now that “Right where you are “is constrained to 2 areas, Whitefield and Marathahalli in Bangalore. You can also order food from them using their APP!

Whooppeezz Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

 Normally each and every one of us has tasted pizzas from the top bosses like Domino’s and Pizza hut. Recently, we came across a pizza joint in Koramangala (opposite to Forum Mall) and we were really looking forward to trying it out. Finally, we had an opportunity thanks to the Food Blogger’s Association of Bangalore (FBAB).

This was the 16th FBAB meet up on 9th Jan in the afternoon.  All the foodies who could manage their time were there and it was a great atmosphere. It is great being with people who have a common factor. In this case it was the love of food!

Burger King Review | Koramangala | Bangalore

 It has been quite some time that we have been avoiding fast food and concentrating only on “slow” food, but not anymore. There is a brand which is famous for its burgers and fries, the world over and in India they have outlets only in Bangalore and Delhi. There are a few outlets which are pretty far away, but recently we came across a branch in Koramangala and we couldn’t wait any longer!

(P.S: The brand is none other than Burger King ;))

My Cousin's Place | Review | Bangalore

It has been quite some time that we have been eyeing a place in electronic city, but somehow we were not able to go there. Now that it is Christmas and New Year time, we broke the shackles and finally crashed there!

It is located in Velankani drive and it is quite a small joint with a very cosy ambiance. It also has a live kitchen, so they are very transparent in their approach. Now it is time to reveal the name—My Cousin’s Place. 

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