Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore

Hard Rock Cafe Review | Bangalore, Foodie land blog

Sometimes, more than the food the ambiance and the environment matters more and provides an experience worth remembering. Of course if it is combined with good food then the experience reaches a whole new level. 
We have been to places like Soho ST, The Black Pearl and Jhaal Farezi which have a splendid ambiance indeed. But this time we were looking for a different kind of environment, related to music.

Hello Curry Review | Home Chefs | Bangalore

Nowadays we visit restaurants, cafes and hotels in which the food is always prepared by professional chefs. The food served is obviously good, as they are prepared by professionals but it is highly doubtful that it will give the same feeling as that of a home cooked meal.

The difference is that the professional chefs do not prepare food with as much care as it is prepared at home. This is the reason why everyone loves the food prepared by their loved ones at home.

Mrs.Magpie Cafe | Kolkata | Review

Mrs.Magpie Cafe | Kolkata | Review

If someone asks me to chose between chain cafes’ and  quaint , local cafes , I would always and I mean always pick the local cafes because I personally, am not a very big fan of the same taste of coffee plus I like to see what each of these places have to offer!

One such special cafes of Kolkata are the Mrs. Magpie café! And they specialize in beautiful cupcakes.

They have “bite size” cupcakes and normal sized cupcakes, but the bite size cupcakes are too cute to resist and they have so many flavors that everyone would have something of their choice.

Mrs.Magpie Cafe | Kolkata | Review

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