Protect yourself from the Monsoons!

Hey Everyone!

My weekends are normally quite exciting and fun, but I felt like sitting this one out for a change. Time was flowing rather slowly when I came across an article about something which all of us know, but very few of us actually make it a habit to follow!

The article seemed favourable to the eye and I actually read it entirely because it was not only well written, but also the content was worth following! The article is about “5 Monsoon Accessories You Absolutely Cannot Do Without” under the section of Family Life. Sometime later I came across an opportunity on BlogAdda to write a blog post on the article which I had gone through a while back. So, I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

The best thing about the mentioned article is that it sugar coats the necessary details, thereby implying that we should enjoy the monsoons, but we should do so responsibly! 
(I apologize for sounding like an alcohol brand promotion, I hope you get the idea :D). 

Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet

Chinese and Thai cuisines that are available in India are somewhat different and Indian-ised versions of the original dishes. And that somehow seems to works very well for us, because from what I have noticed I can say that Chinese “Fast Food” is the second most popular fast food or meal, obviously after our respective regional favourites ! (It might be different in your case :P)

Last week, we went to the nearest Beijing Bites from where we stay, in Electronic city. This outlet is a fully fledged restaurant, not the usual tiny outlet in a food court of a mall.
But I have to say this beforehand that I did not like the ambiance much, it was okay.
Décor was basic and something I would not be very happy to see , but I can say it was okay.

We went for dinner, around 9 at night and the place was full so we had to wait for around 10 minutes and then we got a place. We had ordered while waiting so we were expecting a quick service. But, the people ordering after us were getting their food before us. Maybe it was our choice of unconventional dishes, but the service time was around 40 minutes.

 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet

We ordered Dragon rolls with Garlic sauce for starters. This was served quickly. On the menu you will see that this is spicy, but I did not find it to be spicy at all. The taste was good of the rolls.

The rolls were basically fried dumplings filled with minced chicken. The garlic sauce was very lightly flavoured , almost bland.

 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet
 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet 

 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet

 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet

 Beijing Bites Review, Electronic City outlet

Next, came in our main course order –
Khao phad Kapde  , Mixed Nonveg Koithio, Honey hunan Chicken and Fish in oyster sauce. The quantity was sufficient for three people and two of us are large eaters anyway.

I really liked khao phad kapde, this is a Thai rice and is full of flavours. You will like this if you like strongly flavoured rice. Love the fact that this was really moist and full of seafood.

I didn’t know what Koithio was before I ordered and I was very happy to get what I didn’t expect.

I love flat noodles and Koithio is Flat noodles. This tastes okay and has an odd combination of sauces.
Lightly flavoured with lots of vegetable, this is something I would like to eat when I am looking for something light to eat. My only disappointment with this was that this was served to us cold.
I DO NOT like cold food.

Honey Hunan Chicken, sweet and savoury. Loved it! The chicken tasted really good as they were fried strips which soaked the gravy nicely. This is all sauce, no distinct flavour. But it is something you would like if you like light Chinese flavours. As, far as honey is considered , I didn’t get any distinct flavour of honey.

Fish in Oyster Sauce – Light and savoury, not spicy at all. I loved the soft cubes of fish. I have to say they were cooked to perfection.

So, to sum up I can say that apart from the service and ambiance, I like the food and pricing very much. Because, all these summed up to less that 1000 INR , which is pretty reasonable given the quantity. But, that is it.

I would go back there because they had some more interesting things on the menu which I would like to taste and will definitely update you about it.

Till then let’s see how I liked Beijing Bites-
Food- 3.25/5
Ambiance – 2.5/5 (They played only Himesh Reshamiya’s Songs!)
Service – 2.5/5
Cleanliness – 4/5
Value for money – 3.75/5

 **Please excuse the picture quality. 

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Faasos Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

Faaso's Review | Electronic City outlet and home delivery

In our busy day to day lives, it is often not possible to go to different places and eat. So, we have foodpanda, tiny owl and other saviours which have come to our aid.
One such saviour is a food chain called Faasos. Earlier we used to order online or through the mobile app. One day we decided to give the dine-in facility a try! 

The nearest outlet of Faasos is at electronic city near Lords Plaza. I did use the mobile app to order before hand so that we get the food as soon as we enter. I ordered a non vegetarian wrap combo, which consists of three non veg wraps. The best thing about ordering through the app is that one can customize which wraps are to be included in the combo.

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

As a 90’s child, I have seen the best cartoons ever made and in almost all of them policemen used to run around with something in their hands. This “something” was a concept of the west and it was not readily available in our country.

But it is not the case now. These things are widely available in Kolkata, Bangalore and throughout India. The things which I am talking about are round, fluffy, sometimes glazed and are sweet. If you have guessed doughnuts—you’re absolutely right! ;)

Last Sunday, we were out shopping. It becomes quite boring in the weekends, so we decided to visit a mall which we had not visited before. We were nearby Brigade road and the closest mall was The Garuda mall on Magrath road. It was unusually sultry outside and we took refuge inside the mall. Leaving all the insignificant details (i.e. the details not related to food :P), we roamed around and visited some shops, us being us, we were hungry soon.

We went to the food court of the mall and discovered that we have had food from most of the vendors before! The rest of them were providing OK food at a very high cost. Then suddenly, it occurred to me that were is a small shop, just like an island amidst the others. It was a small outlet of Mad Over Donuts!

Surprisingly, I had a freecharge coupon for MOD as well :P. So, we waited no longer since doughnuts or any dessert for that matter, are one of the things we love having!

We were relieved to know that they accept freecharge coupons (wooh! Life saver!)

They had a good collection of doughnuts alright! We saw all the varieties and finally decided to take the black forest doughnut, the chocolate spot and the one with gems all over (I don’t exactly remember the name :D).

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

Mad Over Donuts Outlet at Garuda Mall Review , Indian Food Blog

We were served hot doughnuts and all of them were simply delicious.
The black forest doughnut tasted a lot like a black forest pastry. It was soft, buttery, coated with milk chocolate and it had a cherry on top! Lastly, it had no filling.

For me, chocolate spot was the best! It was softer than the black forest, buttery and no filling. But it had a milk chocolate coating and shredded chocolate over the entire doughnut and the taste was WOW!

Lastly, the gems doughnut (that is what I would like to call it) was pretty good. The taste of the doughnut was masked because of the flavour and chocolate in the gems, but overall it tasted pretty good. The best part of this doughnut was the looks: it did look quite pretty :P. It was not as soft as the others, but it was buttery, chocolate coated and with Cadbury gems all over.

We had a short but a worthwhile experience! Now it is time for the final review:

Taste: 4/5
Quantity: Price is decent according to quantity.
Service : 4/5
Since , this was an outlet at a food court of the mall we are skipping the cleanliness and the ambiance factor!

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Soho St. Review | Koramangala

Soho St. Review, Koramangala, Bangalore 

Bangalore offered us a great climate from the very beginning but when it came to food the offering was even better!

We have tried out many fine dining restaurants, but one fine day I was in the mood to HOG (:P). I persuaded Priyanjana as well. The plan was to attack any restaurant which was offering a buffet. We had a light breakfast and we were on the hunt. With the help of our best friend Zomato, we discovered this place located just near to The Forum Mall in Koramangala. We enquired about the menu and it sounded pretty impressive.

Thus, we decided to go forward with our plan! We entered into the restaurant and the ambiance left us stupefied!
The space was huge and the tables were very well spaced and organised, topped with fine dim lighting and in the centre one can actually see the food being prepared!

The first 5 minutes was a big thumbs up! Next we were served and greeted by a very decent, well behaved and courteous waiter. After this we decided “Bring It On!!”

So, the feast started:

The opener was a mint mojito! The best we had had in a long time ! Every sip of it seemed to tickle our taste buds and increase our urge to gorge :P. Along with the mojito came the starters. The pictures give only an indication of how awesome they were but believe me, the taste was unparalleled!

There was the shredded chicken kebab, mutton kebab, prawn kebab and the fish kebab. All the four preparations were so tasty, that we actually lost count of how many times we asked them to serve! (They definitely thought they shouldn’t have allowed us in the first place ;)). The chicken and the mutton had a smoky flavour, whereas the prawns and the fish were a little sweet, thanks to honey I guess. But nonetheless, it rocked!

But wait, I forgot! There was more!—chicken Banjara kebab, fish tikka and chicken tengri kebabs!! Oh the joy, the bliss, the excitement and we behaved like absolute gluttons!

You think it is done?? Think again ;)
Prawn, Lamb and Chicken momo’s! The white one was prawn, the yellow one chicken and the red one was lamb! Even writing this down makes me want to go there again, seriously!

Now, the starters are almost done, just a couple more :D
This one is my favourite, but many might not like it—crab meat sushi! Along with this there were little bite sized chicken shawarma rolls, which we both didn’t like very much.

I wish I had 1 more mojito, but too much greed is bad right!

*There were 2 counters as well*-- Live pasta and Kolkata rolls counter! We customized our pasta, with loads of mushrooms, baby corn and black olives, but there was nothing special about it. You can get that anywhere! The Kolkata rolls had too much mustard in them and the taste was not good at all! I do not like wasting food, but I had to waste half of the roll.

Now, the main course and the desserts:  The main course included mutton rogan josh,  , chicken biriyani, and a preparation of fish. We did not have much on the main course, but we tasted everything and they were good but nothing special.

Desserts were like the starters: variety, colourful and tasty.

Gulab jamuns, Baskin and Robbins ice cream, caramel pudding, mixed fruit custard, brownies, fresh cut fruits, litchi pastry and pineapple pastry.

The gulab jamuns were fresh, soft and delicious. B&R ice cream is B&R ice cream :P. The pudding was equally good. It was smooth and without any lumps. The brownies were iced and with chocolate sauce and it was pure bliss of course! I had as many brownies as my age I guess :D. Finally, the pastries were good, but there is nothing special to mention about them.

Overall the best items were:
1)      The Momos
2)     Chicken Glass noodles soup ( I am not a big fan of soups but Priyanjana had around 4 bowls of soup with different types of bread)
3)      The kebab starters(all of them)
4)      The tengri kebab
5)      The Mojito
6)      The Sushi
7)      Mutton rogan josh and the fish main course
8)      Brownies, gulab jamuns and the pudding.

The experience was just amazing with all the lovely varieties of food, the cosy ambiance and the excellent grade of service. Summing up, We had a lot of buffets in the past—BarBQ nation, flame n grills and others, but SOHO ST, stands out because of the variety of dishes and the peculiar but mouth watering taste of its dishes.

Now time for the marks :-

Food - 4.5/5
Quantity - C'mon, it was a Buffet! 
Ambiance - 4/5 ( They said they have live music, but they didn't )
Service - 5/5 
Cleanliness - 5/5 

Hope this review will inspire a true foodie :P! Cheers! And of course, Bon Apetit!
Do let us know how your experience has been if you have been to Soho St.

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