The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore

Does the thought of alcohol & good grub excite you?

If so, this post is definitely for you!

So, this post is all about the launch of The Irish House in Bellandur, Bangalore which makes it their second. If you know us personally, you would know about our previous Irish House encounter. To check out that post, you can click here.

The experience reminded us of the fun we had the last time and we missed the previous company to be honest. There was a separate try-out menu for us from which we tried a decent variety.

The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore

Irish House is always expected to be full and the expectations turned out to be true.
The Irish Trash Can has always been our top pick and things were not different this time around too! It has Vodka, Gin & Rum and has an overturned Red Bull so, people this will definitely give you wings. Apart from these we tried the Whiskey Sour, which was a mixture of whiskey & fresh lime and the Twisted Old Fashion: A combination of bourbon whiskey & espresso. All the drinks were well balanced and went well with the paired snacks.

Now, for the food which we tried:

The Mushroom/Chicken Burger, 2 Face Chicken Skewers, Headless Chicken platter, Skewed Cottage Cheese, Great Irish Fish n Chips, Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Bowl & the Sriracha Veggie Skewers.

Irish Trash Can without the Red Bull on top

Irish Fish n Chips @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Irish Fish n Chips

Skewers Cottage Cheese @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Skewers Cottage Cheese

All of them were palatable and for veg, the best appetizer was the skewers cottage cheese. It was hot & sweet and the cottage cheese melted in the mouth. For non-veg, the 2 face chicken skewers & the Fish & Chips were delightful. The fish was a tad bit oily but tasted great. The chicken skewers were pretty interesting: the 2 faces are that of chicken sausages and normal chunks of chicken. They are a perfect accompaniment with drinks.
The chicken platter had many chicken variants but mostly fried. The seasoning was good and this is best enjoyed with beer.

Now for the main course items. The best of the lot was the Shroom Melt, without a doubt! This mushroom burger was out of the world with a 4 cheese melt. We’ll go back just for this people!

Sriracha Veggie Skewers

Headless Chicken Platter

Shroom Melt Burger @ The Irish are now in Bellandur | Bangalore
Shroom Melt Burger

Jager Bombs in line

The chicken burger was decent, but nowhere near the mushroom. The peri peri cottage cheese bowl was perfect & whole meal after heavy drinking. It was light on the stomach and high on taste. The Paneer was perfectly done and served with sautéed mushrooms & rice. The sriracha veggie skewers by themselves taste decent but we still can’t understand why they are served with rice. Must be an Irish thing ;)

Anyway, that’s all about our Irish House experience this time. Unlike the previous encounter, we decided to behave like civilized individuals. No desserts this time as after drinks we don’t indulge in sweet stuff ;)

A memorable experience for us involving a lot of drinking, dancing & meeting new people.
A must visit for those who prefer good food with their drinks and a lot of fun of course.
Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

Till then—Keep calm & keep reading our posts!

Persian Pop Up @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore

Persian Pop Up @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore
The Persian Pop Up menu in a thali format

So do you guys have a favorite restaurant?

We all have favorites be it one thing or the other. Favorite food is pretty common but how many of you actually love visiting a particular restaurant?

Do let us know in the comments below, but now let us tell you about one of ours!

The best part is we were recently invited for a unique food festival and as expected we had an amazing time.

So many restaurants organizing so many food festivals and yet this one is unique. So, this post is all about one of our favorite restaurants: SodaBottleOpenerWala & the ongoing Persian Food Festival.

The festival goes by the name “Persian Pop-Up” and the festival menu is co-created by Anaida Parvaneh & the chefs of SBOW. Anaida, a famed singer who has her roots in Persia, specially curated this menu to showcase the rich, traditional Persian Cuisine using ingredients from Iran.

There are a lot of items involved and since we visited separately and not in a group, we tried portions of some of these items in the form of a Thali.

People of Persia indulge mostly in non-vegetarian food so, if you are a vegetarian: not many options for you.

Most of the items were lamb preparations and thinking of lamb, people generally get the idea that the food is heavy but in this case even after a full meal we didn’t feel uneasy at all. The preparations are very light, flavorful and gives a sense of satisfaction.

Anaida's Jadooei Soup

Persian Pop Up @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore

In the thali we tried the Bagali Pulao, which is rice cooked with mutton keema, Chicken Jujeh Kebab, Mutton Haleem, Cucumber and Dried Mint Dip, Mutton Fesanjan & a Lamb Shanks prep with chickpeas. We also tried Anaida’s Jadooei Soup.

The soup was heavenly! It had a homely touch to it & had loads of chicken, mushrooms & veggies. The broth tasted so good that we could literally survive on that.

From the thali, we loved almost everything! The aroma & taste boasted of fresh ingredients. The Mutton Fesanjan is a mutton preparation made with pomegranate molasses. It is pungent in nature and sort of an acquired taste. It had a tangy tasty to it and many might not like it the first time. The same goes for the lamb shanks preparation which was sour. It was soupy & flavorful with perfectly cooked meat but the taste was a bit harsh up front.

The only chicken preparation in this meaty arsenal is the Jujeh Kebab. It’s a very simple kebab which brings out the natural flavors of chicken. It was char grilled to perfection. The Haleem is a must try. It is served with a pav and is the best dish of the lot! The richness of the mutton & ghee, the aroma and sweetness of the caramelized onions stood out.

Persian Pop Up @ SodaBottleOpenerWala | Bangalore


The cucumber and dried mint dip had the characteristic flavors. The special thing about it was the inclusion of dried rose petals from Iran which gave it a longing aroma. The Bagala Pulao summarized would be: Keema in each bite. The cooked rice retained all the flavors and that’s all we need ;)

Lastly, for dessert we tried the Halwa and Shole Zard. They were rich and delicious but kind of overshadowed by the above!

That’s our short & sweet experience of this delicious festival.

This is on till the 16th of August, so still some time before you miss out!

We’ll be back soon with great news.

Till then—keep stuffing your faces & be happy because you live only once!

FBAI Drinks Pub Crawl | Indiranagar | Bangalore

Patron XO Cafe 

It has been quite a while that we went pub crawling!

A pub crawl if properly executed and managed is a lot of fun and the opposite is disastrous and frustrating. Bangalore has a lot of watering holes and Indiranagar, specifically is a region where pubs & bars are abundant.

So, this is all about our recent pub crawl encompassing 3 drinks & 1 detox drink to help get through the night.

This pub crawl was organized by FBAI and it was their maiden activity in Bangalore and what better way to kick start than a pub crawl.

The pub crawl was short & sweet and other than the focus on drinks, we had loads to eat too.

Veg Pizza

Chicken Skewers

First up, Glocal Junction & the Aperol Spritz. The drink was not too strong and served with sparkling wine, brought out its true colours. The citrusy and fruity notes made this drink very enjoyable. The Aperol Spritz is a sweet drink & even when consumed raw doesn’t do much.

Along with the drink, we were served appetizers: Dynamo Prawns, Chicken Sliders, Chicken Skewers, Veg Pizza, Tokri Chaat. The pizza was decent, but the first two were the favourites. The Prawns were crispy, sweet & went well with the drink. The sliders were bite sized and the chicken was really juicy.

Dynamo Prawns

Aperol Spritz

Chicken Sliders

Next up, Bootlegger & the cocktail using Stolichnaya Vodka. Now this drink was pretty strong. The balancing was great in some but not all. The cocktail probably had orange juice & honey and was mildly sweet. The vodka had a smooth after taste.

We tried 3 items at Bootlegger: An extremely hot & spicy chicken preparation, special gun-powder fries & cheese pops. The fries were delicious! The spice combo went well with the drink. The cheese pops were decent but the chicken was marvellous. It almost made us cry but who cares as long as mouth-watering and eye watering happen side by side.

The last destination was Sly Granny where we had nothing except for one of the best shots we’ve had till date: The Patron XO Café!

A perfect combination of Tequilla & Espresso. The drink was super smooth, mildly sweet and mind blowing. We are actually planning on buying this, so if you have any leads: Let us know!

Stoli Vodka

Chicken appetizer

Cheese Pops

Now, for the detox drink: Morning Fresh has come up with a special drink which prevents handovers if you ensure that that is the last drink of the night (water is not considered). This flushes out harmful toxins from the liver, so no hangovers, no headaches and a fresh morning for sure. These come in 3 flavours: Cola, Strawberry & Mint.

A fun pub crawl is something we always look forward to.

If you find the drinks & visuals interesting, you know where they are available!

We’ll swing by soon with more F&B info.

Till then—drink responsibly & bon apetit!

The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore

Pesto Chicken Strips @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Pesto Chicken Strips

We have been to many cafes in the past and each of them have a different story to tell.
From our experience, we can say that we have come across a variety of establishment in our food blogging journey but very few of them actually have a “life” of itself. They are basically the manifestation of somebody’s concept, but what we are about to talk about here has a life of itself. Yes, it does sound absurd but you need to experience to believe it.

So, here’s to the Café full of life: Zoey’s in Sarjapur, Bangalore!

This is an open air café which caters to a wide variety of audience. They specialize in all day breakfasts and breakfast items and we really liked what we had.

They brew a mean cup of coffee and is perfect after a hard day of work but that’s not all! Coming to the items we tried and what we absolutely recommend:

For drinks we tried the Lemon Grass Cooler & the Date Almond Oatmeal Shake. The former was very refreshing whereas the latter had a thick consistency and was pretty filling. The Oatmeal shake was well balanced in terms of flavour: dates, almonds and a hint of banana as well.

We tried the All Angrezi Breakfast which had baked beans, toast, sunny side up, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, salami and sausages & hash browns. They were all at par and the pricing is pretty reasonable.

Their Waffles are brilliant! Not so soft, but taste great. They’re served with a bowl of Nutella and pieces of fresh, sweet Mango.

Next up, we tried the Keema Omlette, Mushroom on Toast, Pesto Chicken Strips & Spicy Keema on a bed of mashed potatoes.

Dates & Almond Oatmeal Shake @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Dates & Almond Oatmeal Shake

All Angrezi Breakfast @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
All Angrezi Breakfast

Keema Omlette @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Keema Omlette

Mushroom on toast @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Mushroom on toast

The Keema omelette had generous quantity of mutton keema. The 2nd was delightful and creamy. The mushroom & cheese combination is heavenly without any doubt. Another piece of toast would have done justice.

The chicken strips were spicy and well done. A perfect snack and weighs less on the calorie scale. The quantity was more than enough and the best part is that the chicken retained all the flavours. The keema preparation is legendary and really nothing worth mention. Just try it and relax! The spicy keema and creamy mashed potatoes will surely make you feel better.

Now these are all recommended as they are all high on taste and provide great value for money.

Next up, the best item we tried on their menu: The Chicken Stroganoff! The sauce was insanely tasty and creamy. The chicken is in the form of strips inside the sauce and this is served along with an island of herbed rice.

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Spicy Keema with mashed potatoes @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Spicy Keema on a bed of mashed potatoes


We also tried the Lamb Burger which was not that great especially for the price. The patty was tasty but thin. Another problem is that the patty breaks down with each bite. Unless the patty is thicker, this is definitely going to happen.

We also tried a Spaghetti with Chicken Meatball pasta which was exactly the way it should be, but this is not that recommended.

We were really full by this time and we tried only one: Mango Pudding.

Well presented, this dessert was a little bit too cold for comfort. Taste wise it was decent and with the chocolate crumble at the bottom: nice!

Lamb Burger @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Lamb Burger

Mango Pudding @ The Cafe Full of Life | Zoey's | Bangalore
Mango Pudding

That’s all we have to tell from our side! They have comfortable seating both inside & outside with a children play area as well. The place is always full with people thanks to the special attention the owner, Farheen gives to each and every customer.

Their portions are pretty decent but if you are a very large eater, it is better to talk to the owner/who is taking your order before-hand.

Their dishes are really good and you can understand the quality up front. We definitely recommend a visit.

They provide great value for money. Do let us know about your experience if you visit.
We’ll be back soon again with tasty news ;)

Till then—keep searching for great places to eat & bon apetit!

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